Price List (Canadian Dollars)

Effective date: November 16, 2022

CategoryServicePrice (CAD $)
Publishing Packages Standard Package1,699.00
Professional Package3,299.00
All-Inclusive Package5,999.00
Traditional Package11,999.00
Children's Standard Package1,699.00
Children's Professional Package2,999.00
Children's Illustrated Package2,999.00
Children's All-Inclusive Package6,499.00
Children's Traditional Package8,499.00
Audiobooks Audiobooks (up to 30,000 words)990.00
Audiobooks (words above 30,000)0.033
Design Cover Design499.00
Premium Cover Design599.00
Redesign, cover + revision round500.00
Redesign, cover + 2 revision rounds599.00
Post-publication Cover Revisions150.00
Interior Layout499.00
Relayout, interior + revision round500.00
Relayout, interior + 2 revision rounds599.00
Post-publication Interior Revisions150.00
Post-publication Revisions - additional charges150.00
Revision round150.00
Extra Design Time99.00
Post-publication eBook Revisions50.00
Distribution eBook Formatting399.00
eBook Complete Package750.00
eBook Distribution (Kindle)250.00
eBook Distribution (Kobo)250.00
eBook Distribution (Smashwords)250.00
Enhanced Amazon Distribution (KDP Print)250.00
Hardcover Edition and Distribution250.00
2nd Edition - Hardcover Edition and Distribution175.00
Managed Distribution 100500.00
Managed Distribution Fee75.00
Book Returns Program500.00
Distribution Transfer250.00
Editing Editorial Evaluation (up to 75k words)500.00
Editorial Evaluation (beyond 75k words)0.007
Editing Consultation99.00
Edit - Kids Book500.00
Edit - Substantive Edit0.042
Edit - Substantive Edit Minimum Charge500.00
Substantive edit upgrade from copy0.020
Edit - Copy Edit0.022
Edit - Copy Edit Minimum Charge250.00
Edit - Post-Layout Proofread0.015
Edit - Post-Layout Proofread Minimum Charge250.00
Edit - Children's Book Post-Layout Proofread175.00
Edit - Third Round0.015
Illustration Illustration (basic)200.00
Illustration (complex)400.00
Illustrations Bundle 1 (8pcs illustrations)1,499.00
Illustrations Bundle 2 (16pcs illustrations)2,849.00
Illustration Revision Round (Minor)45.00
Illustration Revision Round (Regular)60.00
Illustration Revision Rounds (Major)75.00
Marketing Packages Book Marketing Strategy and Consultation500.00
Online Marketing Package1,999.00
Children's Marketing Package2,250.00
Classic Marketing Package3,499.00
Editorial Reviews Marketing Package3,499.00
Marketing 49th Shelf250.00
Activity Sheets500.00
Add-on five outreach contacts500.00
Amazon Author Central500.00
Author Website (Basic)650.00
Author Website (Advanced)1,250.00
Author Website (Upgrade)600.00
Author Website (Renewal)95.00
Awards Submission500.00
Blog Tour500.00
Book Backgrounder250.00
Book Marketing Follow Up250.00
Book Retailer Engagement750.00
Bookfunnel Promotion500.00
Colouring Sheets250.00
Consulting Hours100.00
Curriculum Linked Materials500.00
Digital Review Copies250.00
Digital Review Copy - EPUB, MOBI and PDF250.00
Digital Review Copy - EPUB file only99.00
Digital Review Copy - MOBI file only99.00
Digital Review Copy - PDF file only99.00
Goodreads Account Set-Up250.00
Goodreads Giveaway250.00
Goodreads Account Set-Up and Giveaway500.00
Indie Reader Review500.00
Kirkus Review750.00
Media Kit500.00
Media Outreach1,000.00
Press Release Write-Up400.00
Press Release Write-Up and Distribution1,000.00
Promotional Materials (standard)250.00
Promotional Materials (custom)500.00
Promotional Material Revisions49.00
School Outreach750.00
Social Media Graphics (5 items)250.00
Social Media Graphics (10 items)500.00
Social Media Startup500.00
Teacher/Parent Resource250.00
Production 2nd Edition - Redesign and distribute749.00
Expedited Design Service499.00
Expedited One Round Editing Service399.00
Expedited Two Round Editing service499.00
Manuscript and Image Preparation99.00
Packaged InDesign Files750.00
Print Ready Files250.00
Project Coaching299.00
Project Manager Support99.00
Second Language Illustrated Book750.00
Translation Service0.100
Transcription and Copy Editing0.052
Admin Fee Administration Fee for payment plans up to 3 months25.00
Administration Fee for payment plans up to 6 months50.00